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Thousands of customers worldwide would agree that Extracomm Inc. provides a robust fax server product suite, ExtraFax™, an award-winning auditing/security product for Lotus Domino, SecurTrac™, an efficient electronic discovery solution, SecurSearch™and a professionally developed, reliable and robust SMS - Text Messaging server, ExtraTxt™.

ExtraFax - The ultimate fax/sms server for IBM Lotus Notes & Domino

ExtraFax is a native Domino faxing solution that integrates seamlessly with Lotus Notes e-mail, enabling users to send and receive faxes, text and multimedia messages directly from their e-mail or web client. Easy to use and to learn, ExtraFax is an add-on application that was built from the ground up. Completely scalable to meet the needs of any organization - from SMB to large enterprises - ExtraFax is an award-winning product proven to be the ultimate fax server for Domino.

SecurTrac - Monitors and audits your IBM Lotus Notes & Domino environment

SecurTrac, the award-winning product that monitors and audits your knowledge assets, is a non-disruptive and non intrusive compliance solution for corporate governance and auditing. It is the only complete audit trail system that tracks the life cycle of all objects, as well as all operational activities within the Notes Domino environment. A native Lotus Domino add-in task, SecurTrac can be configured to meet all of your compliance needs and concerns, whether you're an SMB or a large enterprise.

SecurSearch - The eDiscovery Solution for IBM Lotus Notes & Lotus Domino

SecurSearch is a robust, yet easy-to-use product that is designed for businesses to perform e-discovery within Lotus Domino user mail databases and to execute search and analysis within SecurTrac logs. With SecurSearch, not only you will be able to meet investigative, compliance, regulatory or internal governance needs, but also to perform defensive audits in regular basis by executing stored query procedures you have composed and saved.

ExtraTxt - Enterprise SMS/Text Messaging Server

ExtraTxt is a new-generation reliable, robust, enterprise class SMS - Text Messaging Web 2.0 software appliance developed by Extracomm to meet the modern day business needs for companies of any size.

ExtraTxt empowers global reach to prospects and customers alike at a fraction of the effort and cost compared to voice communications. It allows you to substantially extend your sales, marketing, transaction processing, operations and logistics communications as well as system monitoring alert capabilities reaching out to a global audience, directly through your mobile carrier, SMS Centers (SMSC), or through Skype.

Out of Office (OOO) Manager for Lotus Notes/Domino

Have you ever come across a time where employees forgot to set their "Out of Office" notification before going on a business trip or on a vacation? Have unexpected events affected their trip schedule and they need to revise the duration of the "Out of Office" notification?

With an iPhone or Android smart phone, now users can set their Out of Office notification with the use of Extracomm's new native "Out of Office" mobile application.

With Extracomm's "Out of Office" Manager web application, allow employees to use any web browser to set their "Out of Office" notification remotely or have them call the company help desk to quickly and easily enable it on their behalf. The "Out of Office" Manager ensures complete mail database confidentiality and security since it does not require direct access to a user's mail database in order to activate the "Out of Office" notification.

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