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Welcome to a cost-effective home for your rapidly growing data

Businesses today face a monumental challenge. They need to control and store rapidly growing amounts of data, while trying to cut costs. Yet this issue of storage isn't just affecting big corporations. Small and medium businesses need to overcome similar situations.

At Life IT and IBM, we prefer to get to the heart of the problem before we offer solutions. So we talked to our customers, big and small, and uncovered the three major pain-points regarding storage. Some or all of them might sound familiar to you and your business. If so, we have some solutions that can help overcome them.

"We can't afford a storage area network"

Our solutions offer outstanding performance, virtualisation and energy efficiency for better total cost of ownership. Plus, IBM financing is available, letting you free up cash to reinvest elsewhere in your business.

"We think we can do more with our existing storage network"

With aging legacy infrastructures, sooner or later something will go wrong. We can offer a range of improvements to fit in to your present footprint, including improved performance, the functionality to centrally manage your existing network and better disk efficiency.

"We have a Virtualisation Project coming up"

Because you"ll only invest in the functionality you need, there"s no reason to delay. You"ll also benefit from network free backups and a solution to fit your specific requirements.

Storwize V3700 and V7000

A little more detail

In the V3700 and V7000 you have everything you could need to solve your data dilemmas.

Storwize V3700 - Easy-to-use, affordable storage offering advanced capabilities for small and medium businesses

  • Easily managed and deployed system with embedded graphical user interface based on the IBM® Storwize® interface design
  • Experience rapid, flexible provisioning and simple configuration changes with internal virtualisation and thin provisioning
  • Protect data with sophisticated remote mirroring and integrated IBM FlashCopy® technology
  • Benefit from advanced functionality and reliability usually only found in more expensive systems

Storwize V7000 - The most powerful and easy-to-use innovative disk systems in the storage marketplace

  • Support your growing business requirements while controlling costs
  • Provide up to 200 percent performance improvement with automatic migration to high-performing SSDs
  • Enable storing up to five times more active data in the same physical disk space using IBM Real-time Compression
  • Enable near-continuous availability of applications through dynamic migration


Whiteboard demonstration session

To discover how our solutions can revolutionise your storage issues, take part in our whiteboard demonstration. Here's some of what you can expect from this invaluable step-by-step guide.

  • How to manage data storage easily with our graphical user interface
  • Volume creation explained, to show how simple provisioning storage is.
  • Learn how in line compression of data can be shown on selected volumes, saving huge amounts of capacity
  • Other topics covered often include, External storage virtualisation, data protection performance monitoring, alerts, user rights, NAS and SAN, tiered data migration, connectivity and thin provisioning.

To request a demonstration please email or call 01625 548111