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S4i DASD-Plus

S4i DASD-Plus

DASD-Plus outperforms IBM utilities and all other third party disk management solutions with more than 25 different disk maintenance routines, from clearing history logs, to re-sizing libraries, job queues and objects on the fly. It analyzes disk usage by library, file, user, group, total disk, or user-defined criteria. If desired, these routines can be performed automatically at scheduled intervals to ensure that the system is always optimized.

All routines are parameter-driven with time constraints so the amount of
computer time that is spent on housekeeping is contained.

Key benefits

DASD-Plus will increase the effective utilization and capacity of your System i disk resources. Its automated clean-up routines will further increase the effectiveness of your IT operations staff, freeing them to perform other business-critical tasks. Its usage forecasting will assist your hardware capacity planning, allowing time to make informed, effective DASD purchases in the future.

DASD-Plus facilitates more efficient management of your System i disk resources, increasing DASD availability and, ultimately, providing faster access by end-users to the data they need. The software runs only within timeframes you establish, and uses only system resources you allocate, further increasing and guaranteeing efficient use of your System i.

DASD-Plus is all about economical use of your capital and system resources. This software tool will extend the useful capacity-life of your disk resources, prolonging the interval between DASD purchases. In addition, its forecasting reports will facilitate your purchase of additional DASD on a timely and economical basis, instead of budget-busting.

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