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Double-Take Availability for AIX

In the current global environment, no business can afford to lose its core information yet many are still under-resourced when it comes to business continuity.

Life IT offer secure, reliable cost effective solutions for critical business information on your System p.

Double-Take Availability for AIX offers surprisingly easy-to-use, affordable and innovative high availability (HA) and full featured continuous data protection (CDP) for IBM Power Systems running AIX. Automated switching and failover provide true high availability on physical and virtual servers, which means little to no interruption or lost data during any planned or unplanned downtime event.

Double-Take Availability for AIX combines real-time data protection with the industry's most streamlined clustering for true information availability. In addition, you get real-time data replication that includes the ability to recover back to any-point-in-time.

  • Automated, push-button failover
  • Flexible, any-point-in-time recovery
  • Eliminates time and expense normally lost to downtime
  • Supports aggressive SLA goals
  • Simple, automated installation and operation
  • Improves productivity by offloading backup, testing and maintenance to the recovery system

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